• Passive House and Bioclimatic design

    Amber Gardens is created with the principle of Bioclimatic design in mind, which incorporates in the structure many natural features and resources surrounding the area. Taking into account variables such as orientation, main wind direction and the gardens around the buildings, we have incorporated such natural elements into the design of every single house. Having applied the highest German standards of “Passive House”, we have achieved an extremely low energy consumption using impressive architectural and technological solutions.
  • Modern Design

    Amber Gardens has successfully implemented a neat, modern design on an impressive green building. This has resulted in efficient interior spaces, uninterrupted straight ceilings, which eliminate any visible structural beams and top down windows and doors. Except of the neat volumes, the modern style is emphasized with the use of metal and glass, while natural materials, such as wood and stone, add a warm note to the  interior.
  • Technology

    Amber Gardens adopts the unique system of radiating ceiling both for cooling and heating. This technologically advanced solution is common in luxury real estate projects all around Europe, offering especially high levels of comfort in any weather condition. Ideal for all seasons, this system combined with a heat pump and an air exchange heat recovery unit, ensures a high indoor air quality as well as surprisingly low energy consumption.
  • Privacy

    Everyone values his or her privacy. Especially for individual houses and villas, privacy is more of a necessity than a desire. Adhering to the above principal, Amber Gardens offers its residents a very high degree of privacy. All of the houses include a large garden in the south side of the building, which offers a pleasant and totally private view to all of the sun bathed rooms of the house. At the same time, other nearby houses have a very limited view of that garden, allowing for each individual residence to maintain its high level of privacy. Another element enhancing the feelings of privacy of the residents are the large interior streets of the complex, which at 9m width minimum, provide for a relaxing, safe and stress-free walking environment.




Do you have an apartment or a house?
  • Apartament
  • House
How many centimeters of insulation?
  • 5cm
  • 8cm
  • 10cm
  • 15cm
  • 20cm
What kind of windows do you have?
  • Double glazing
  • Double glazing low e
  • Triple glazing double low e
Is your foundation insulated?
Is it a thermal bridge-free design?
Yes No
Do you have a fresh air heat recovery unit?
Yes No
Do you have solar panels?
Yes No
Does natural light reach all of your rooms?
Yes No
Do you have any summer shading for the south oriented rooms?
Yes No
Do you use LED lighting?
Yes No
150 GW/h
35 GW/h

150 GW/h
35 GW/h

150 GW/h
35 GW/h
Domestic Hot Water
150 GW/h
35 GW/h
This energy calculator is meant for estimation purposes only. The actual values may vary due to several factors: behavior and number of occupants, house placement and orientation, etc.


  • 1. What makes a house passive?

    Passive House is both a building energy performance standard and a set of design and construction principles used to achieve that standard. The Passive House standard is the most stringent building energy standard in the world: buildings that meet the standard use 80 percent less energy than conventional equivalent buildings, and provide superior air quality and comfort.

    2. What are the principles for constructing a passive house?

    To attain such outstanding energy savings, Passive House designers and builders work together to systematically implement the following  principles: good levels of insulation with minimal to none thermal bridges; passive solar gains and internal heat sources; excellent level of airtightness; good indoor air quality, provided by a whole house mechanical ventilation system with highly efficient heat recovery.
  • 3. What systems are used in Amber Gardens?

    Amber Gardens adopts the unique system of radiating ceiling panels both for cooling and heating. Ideal for all seasons, this system combined with a heat pump and an air exchange heat recovery unit, ensures a high indoor air quality as well as surprisingly low energy consumption.

    4. What type of utilities do the houses have and what are the utilities in the area?

    The houses will be connected to the existing grid for electricity and sewage also water supply will be from a 150m deep well. Gas conection will be optional.
  • 5. In what stage of execution is the project? How long will the entire development take until completion?

    The project is in the first phase of development, containing the first 8 houses, which are currently under construction, due to be finished in 2014. The entire development is estimated to take 3 years, until its completion in 2016.

    6. What kind of structure is used for the buildings?

    The Amber Gardens villa has a concrete structure and brick exterior walls and gypsum board interior walls.
  • 7. Is it possible to customize the house with other options then the ones found in the brochure/website ?

    Yes, as long as the developer gives his consent and the request does not alter the exterior of the house and the general aspect of the complex.

    8. Can the facade be altered?

    Any changes to the facade will be made with the approval of the developer and a reauthorization of the building.
  • 9. Does the complex have a security system?

    The complex will have a contract with a local security agency that will ensure the safety of the community 24 hours a day.

    10. What is the designated area to store the disposable garbage bins?

    Each house has its own area near the auto access where the garbage bins are stored.
  • 11. What public transportation is there in the area?

    For the Otopeni area there are the following public transport lines: 780 - express line,    783 - express line449,   443,   444448,   450,   451452,   Maxi -Taxi

    12. Is there a possibility to make the acquisition with payment installments?

    To be discussed with the developer.



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