Alesonor has 8500 square meters of property successfully developed and sold, as well as other under development, among which the multi-awarded Amber Gardens Residential Project.



Who are we?

Alesonor is a real estate development company based in Bucharest, Romania. Founded in 2003, our company specializes in long-term value investment in strategically positioned lands and development of quality, and environmentally responsible properties.

An industry visionary, Alesonor has several thousand square meters of property developed and successfully sold, and other under development, among which the multi-awarded Amber Gardens residential project.

Our company aims at reinventing the process through which major architectural projects are built, from concept, design and energy efficiency.

Alesonor is driven by an unmatched commitment to exceptional quality and innovation, focusing on achieving high standards of class, comfort and luxury in all its projects, whilst also putting environment responsibility at the heart of everything it does.

As an entrepreneurial developer with various long-term and trusted partners, Alesonor works in collaborations that always raise the bar for luxury and energy efficiency developments.

Years of experience
Developed SQM

New Luxury Project "Amber Gardens"

Alesonor is part of a large network of companies

with more than 50 million EUR yearly turnover, which operate in multiple market segments such as telecommunication, innovative technologies, real-estate, wellness, sports and luxury retail.