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The Amber Gardens complex is 100% sold and 50 families already chose to live in a green luxury home.

Due to the large number of requests, Alesonor is expanding Amber Gardens, developing Amber Forest, the first complete suburb with 500 green villas and 200 green apartments, and full range of facilities.

With Amber Gardens the company revolutionized the way a house is built, and now they intend to revolutionize the way a community is developed. A complete community offers you the opportunity to have balanced relationships with family, friends, neighbors who share the same values and with whom you can spend free time on sports fields or in the park with children.

The first green suburb in Romania, Amber Forest, is, developed on 31 hectares, with only 15% of the built area, with the lowest land use coefficient. The suburb will have complete and high quality infrastructure – 3 hectares reserved for school, kindergarten, afterschool and sport fields, 5.3 hectares for parks and green areas and also polyclinic, pharmacy, supermarket, restaurant and cafe, co-working space with conference rooms, bakery, market, running and bicycle tracks, as well as direct access to Baneasa forest, the largest forest around Bucharest.

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*  The plans, sizes, prices and mortgage example are for presentation purposes only and might suffer changes. For a final accurate offer, please contact Amber Garden sales team. Should you require mortgages, we connect you with third party financial consultants.