Alesonor presents Amber Gardens, the first green luxury & intelligent homes residential project in Romania.

Since 2003, at the heart of Alesonor’s projects is the commitment to attain outstanding standards in the development of energy efficient and environmentally responsible buildings.

Amber Gardens integrates bioclimatic design principles and follows the passive house standards, achieving and over-passing today the EU standards and aspirations for 2020: net zero energy building. Revealing an unprecedented environmental concern in Romania, Amber Gardens residential project has received the first “Green Home” certification in Romania for a residential project with houses, offered by Romania Green Building Council (RoGBC)” in 2015.  Moreover, Amber Gardens has also been awarded the prestigious Bucharest Annual Architectural Award, Forbes Green Award, among many other design and energy efficiency awards.

Amber Gardens redefines luxury combining in harmony the optimum energy efficiency with the most innovative technologies (smart home applications), a modern design, creating a healthy, intimate and environmentally friendly living space, close to nature.

For us, true luxury is green and offers high-end finishes, comfort, a healthy environment with superior lighting and better acoustics, privacy, large gardens and open spaces, low energy consumption and low maintenance costs.

Alesonor is expanding the Amber Gardens complex, developing Amber Forest, the first complete suburb with 700 green villas and green apartments, and full range of facilities.

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Smart is natural

Bioclimatic design & Passive House

Amber Gardens is the first residential project in Romania achieving outstanding energy savings: our houses use 90 percent less energy than conventional equivalent buildings.

By following bioclimatic design principles, Amber Gardens homes are in harmony with nature. Taking into account variables such as orientation, position of the sun, main wind direction, the gardens around the buildings, we chose the windows placement and size, and glazing type, thermal insulation, thermal mass and shading etc.

By respecting the Passive House standards, the most stringent building energy performance standard in the world, we Amber Gardens homes are engineered for high performance.

To attain outstanding energy savings and have a healthier and more luxury home, at Amber Gardens we used Passive solar gains because of the orientation, min 20cm of insulation, no thermal bridges, virtually air-tight building, superior indoor air quality achieved through a mechanical heat exchanging ventilation system with highly efficient heat recovery (recovers more than 90% of the heat).

Beautiful materials

Intelligent Home

Amber Gardens is the first project with intelligent homes in Romania, incorporating Smart Home Systems as well as other impressive technologically advanced solutions that are common in luxury real estate projects all around Europe, offering especially high levels of comfort in any weather condition.

We use solar water panels for heating water, the unique system radiating ceiling panels both for cooling and heating and a performant heat pump and mechanical heat exchanging ventilation system. Combined, these solutions are the most economic and environmental friendly heating source providing unparalleled comfort through homogeneous distribution of heat all over the space, recovering more than 90% of the heat, and securing, in the same time, superior interior air quality.

Making our life better

Modern Design

At Amber Gardens we have successfully implemented a neat, modern design, in an impressive green building, in harmony with nature. By combining metal and glass with natural & authentic materials, such as wood and stone, we add warm notes to the interior.

We designed an efficient interior space, with uninterrupted straight ceilings, which eliminate any visible structural beams and top down windows and doors.

Amber Gardens received the prestigious award Anuala de Arhtectura Bucuresti for its innovative design.

Making our life better

Healthy environment

At Amber Gardens we strongly believe that true luxury is green and that a green home offers better comfort and a healthier environment to live in. We achieved it through superior lighting (natural light in all the rooms), better acoustics and a quiet natural environment, continuous air exchange, non VOC paint, large gardens, close to forest etc.

Tight-knighted comunity


Everyone values privacy, especially when living in an individual house or villa.

Adhering to the above principal, Amber Gardens offers its residents a very high degree of privacy. All of the houses include a large garden in the south side of the building. At the same time, by facing all big windows in the south, all houses have a direct connection only with their garden and none with the other houses, securing privacy.

Also, all gardens have a high rise green fence, customized on the height according to individual needs, whilst the large interior streets of the complex of 9m width minimum have threes alignment, creating a relaxing, private environment.

Type of Villas

Here you can find information regarding the available homes, location and frequently asked questions.

The Developer

Behind every successful project there is a successful team and many years of hard work.