Alesonor & Romania Green Building Council launch ”the greenest playground in Bucharest”

By November 12, 2021Press

The playground at Amber Gardens reflects Alesonor’s concern for sustainability and promotes the bioclimatic design, including elements with high educational value for the children using it. This is built with the objective to raise the awareness of both adults and young children about environment protection, energy efficiency, sustainability and adopting bioclimatic elements that come into play when designing a healthy, natural and sustainable environment.

The playground was placed strategically, using bioclimatic design, taking into account variables such as the position of the sun and the wind direction. The trees, carefully selected, offer protection against winds and create a comfortable and safe environment. The bioclimatic design of the park will be best seen and understood by children in time, while learning through play, at different times of day and in different seasons. Similarly, the bioclimatic design and the benefits of a passive house will be noticed and appreciated by residents of Amber Gardens green homes in time. Common places for play, such as swings and slides, are combined with unconventional and educational elements.

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