Alex Skouras, Managing Partner Alesonor

By November 12, 2021Press

Alesonor is a real estate developer specialized in green, energy efficient residential projects. It was founded in 2003 in Romania and is best known for Amber Gardens – the first large luxury project in the country to integrate bioclimatic design and passive house standards.

As co-founder of Alesonor, can you tell us what were the circumstance in which the company came to life and the vision you are pursuing presently?

In 2003 we came from Greece to Romania and founded Alesonor because the local market was so interesting, challenging and promising that we felt it would be a great place to start our venture. Real estate is our bread and butter and we’ve witnessed how demand shifted towards residential projects outside of the city center. It’s interesting that in Warsaw 43% of people lived in the suburbs, while in Bucharest only 9% dwelled in the outskirts, so we felt there was a huge potential there. Moreover, the pandemic pushed forward the industry by increasing the demand of houses, with lush green spaces and spacious backyards, instead of apartments in city center.

Your focus lies in high quality luxury projects, what is the most notable one and how do you plan to continue this trend?

Amber Gardens is the first housing project in Romania certified Green Home. By integrating bioclimatic design and technologies such as water collecting systems and photovoltaic panels among other key construction principles, our homes consume 90% less energy than a similar home. It is a five hectares project that we successfully developed and sold (I’ve also bought a house here), with playgrounds, tennis and basketball court, near the forest. Through it we observed how the market craves this type of intelligent, sustainable residential projects and we are now planning to exceed expectations in this sector.

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