What is the first thing you feel when entering a luxury green home? When it comes to merging function, versatility, aesthetics and acoustics, a luxury green home has the upper hand over traditional residential buildings.
“True luxury is green” – promises Amber Gardens.
Since the world has come a long way when it comes to green architecture, residential communities in Romania also started blooming. The first luxury green residential community in Romania, Amber Gardens, caters to a growing need for not only physical comfort, but also a psychological one. Stepping inside one of these eco homes rising near Romania’s capital city, Bucharest, you can’t help but feel comfortable, as if you were coming home. Details like windows and doors that can stretch from floor all the way to the ceiling, or window seats in each bedroom make these homes perfect for happy, healthy families.

Observing the given environment and influencing natural forces to create a bioclimatic design, as well as using materials that help attain the needed thermal mass were tools used to create a responsive architectural landscape. The psychological comfort accompanying a green lifestyle is backed up by integrated bio-climatic design.
This means that Amber Garden homes are 10 times more energy efficient, 10 times more efficiently ventilated and 10 times more soundproof than the average home.
Each one is surrounded by privacy-protecting evergreen plants that also help create a unified neighborhood design. In contrast, season-changing trees were planted inside the property to help naturally shade interiors during the summer and increase the amount of natural light filtered inside during winter months, when leaves fall down to the ground. The neighborhood is designed to use the natural winds in its favor and gently guide breezes along gently undulating streets. This helps avoid having leaves from the street be blown inside by wind and also naturally ventilates neighborhood streets.

This increasingly powerful allure of passive design is implemented in residential building in the hope of respectfully cohabiting with nature. Amber Gardens is like a breath of fresh air across the overcrowded urban landscape. Envisioned for those who want a comfortable lifestyle not far from the hustle of the city, this collection of 60 passive homes in residential developer Alesonor‘s portfolio will feel like heaven.
Passive house design is for the first time implemented within a large scale residential project in Romania thanks to Greek businessman Leonidas Anastasopoulos and his business partners. Warm and passionate when he speaks about Amber Gardens, Leonidas is comfortable with experimenting for innovation. With a delighted smile blossoming on his face, he tells us that one of the homes was customized with a wine cellar at the owner’s request. This is how we know that versatility abounds whenever potential, design and creativity meet. High quality and a respectful vision of a green future can be seen in each home. Spreading over 250 square meters on a property measuring 650 square meters, each Amber Gardens green home will borrow their owner’s uniqueness. The community is estimated to be completely built by 2016.

The first luxury green homes in Romania are located near a forest, further deepening the promise to deliver green, healthy living environments. First to achieve the “Green Homes” certification by Romania Green Building Council (RoGBC), the Amber Gardens green residential complex employs passive house design elements like: photo-voltaic and solar panels, ceiling radiant heat and floor heating in the bathrooms, a heat pump, a heat-recovering ventilation system keeping the interiors at constant temperature, anti-freeze systems installed to keep the home and garage entrance safe during winter, centralized vacuuming system keeping the air fresh and healthy. This all adds up to the home consuming 90% less energy than conventional buildings.

Having won 1st prize in the prestigious “Annual Architectural Award” in Bucharest in 2013, the Amber Gardens green residential neighborhood gets its name from the beautiful fossilized tree resin and embeds the essence of Alesonor’s work so far. After building residential projects like the Clover Residence, Magnolia Residence, Ivi Office Residence, Almond Tree Residence, Amber Gardens reflects the essence of the building company’s core values and respect for nature as amber represents the essence of the trees.
The Amber Gardens green residential community north of Bucharest was photographed by Cosmin Dragomir so we can all take a virtual tour of the first of 60 luxury green homes that will soon decorate this suburban landscape.
Enjoy the tour and let us know what impression Amber Gardens left on you. We’re curious to see how many of you embrace green building techniques, so drop us a line in the comment section below and let’s imagine our own green future!

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