BR’s Rising Cities. Smart Future | Alex Skouras (Alesonor): “Developers need incentives to build green projects, but these are hard to obtain unless they properly communicate with public authorities”

By November 12, 2021Press

Real estate developers must have a long-term, integrated approach in order to make people living in their projects feel like they are part of an ecosystem and of a larger community, said Alex Skouras, Managing Partner at Alesonor Real Estate Development, at Business Review’s Rising Cities. Smart Future conference on Wednesday.

“Our current ecosystem covers all elements from heating panels to smart home solutions. Clients need to see that they’re part of a bigger project. The long-term approach should be seen from the developers’ angle, not just from the public authorities’ point of view. In most cases in Bucharest, the private sector moves rather quickly to build new projects, and the public sector comes in later to add public services and utilities to that area. This happens in most countries, not just in Romania. – Alex Skouras

November 27th, 2021

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