Amber Gardens Shows Us How Every Luxury Green Home Community Should Look Like
I was searching the Internet today and came across with a unique and luxurious green home community. We all should thank to our friends from Freshome for sharing this awesome information with us.
We are going to see a place where luxury, quality, energy efficiency and futuristic design are in perfect balance. And that place is called Amber Gardens!

If you’ve never heard about it until now, today is your lucky day!
Amber Gardens is the first luxury green residential community in Romania, near the capital of Bucharest and it’s the place where eco friendly homes stand proud in the warm embrace of the sun.
This community is an example of elegant and strong architectural style combined perfectly with the vivid flow of the environment. The houses are passive and offer the basic principles of bio-climatic design. A green, healthy and needed lifestyle for everyone!

The inspiring and outstanding motto of Amber Gardens ?
True luxury is green !
I will not argue with that. The luxurious green homes feature windows and doors that can stretch from floor to ceiling, natural and modern interior design, windows seats on every bedroom and a constantly happy neighborhood. Can you picture this?
But wait, don’t do that because I’ve prepared for you some awesome photos here to see with your own eyes why this luxury green residential community is so special!

10 times more energy efficient
This community is about respect! A respect that embraces nature, earth, healthy lifestyle and every soul out there that believes in innovation, value and passion!
The luxury green homes from Romania are first to achieve the “Green Homes” certification from Romania Green Building Council (RoGBC).

The passive house design offers photo-voltaic panels, ceiling radiant heat and floor heating for the bathrooms, heat pump, heat-recovering ventilation system, anti-freeze systems and many more.  Sounds awesome, right?
It will be more awesome when I’ll tell you that the home consumes 90 % less energy than the traditional and conventional homes!

10 times more efficiently ventilated
The residential community is estimated to be completely finished by 2016 and every green house will by unique, according to the owner’s personal desire.
A green luxurious home measures over 250 square meters and the property measures 650 square meters of peace, tranquility and landscape at its best.

If you are a green and eco-friendly design lover this 60 passive homes community present in the residential developer Alesonor‘s portofolio is definitely your place to be.

10 times more soundproof than the average home
For the first time in Romania the passive house design is implemented at this large scale and it’s the perfect example of powerful initiative from Leonidas Anastasopoulos and his business partners, the masterminds behind this project.
” Warm and passionate when he speaks about Amber Gardens, Leonidas is comfortable with experimenting for innovation. ” – Freshome

The Amber Gardens green luxury home community was photographed by Cosmin Dragomir and we’re able too see this remarkable eco wonders because of its great courtesy!
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